NSSA - National Scholastic Surfing Association

The National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and assist its members in their interest to learn and develop the fundamentals and skills of surfing competition while competing in structured and quality events. The NSSA promotes the qualities of discipline and competitive excellence while supporting the merits of academic achievement to young surfers. The NSSA strives to provide a fun surfing experience for all of its members.

The NSSA is one of the few national youth sports organizations that require its participants to maintain academic standards in order to compete. Since 1978, the NSSA program philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. More than 80 NSSA events are run nationwide that culminate with the annual National Championships which is regarded as the highest profile youth surfing event in America.

Surfer the Week - Archives (2008)

Surfer of the Week - 12/22/2008

Ian Crane

Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, Ca
School: San Clemente High School-9th grade
Sponsors: Fox, Oakley, Bubble Gum
Claim to Fame: After an impressive second place showing in the Men's final at the Church Open Season last month, 15-year-old Ian took it all the way to the top at the Seaside Reef event #6 nailing a big victory in the Men's final. Trailing in second place with less than two minutes remaining on the clock, Ian paddled into the make-or-break right hander and cranked out three solid backside turns giving him his first ever win in the hotly contested and prestigious Open Men's category.

Surfer of the Week - 12/15/2008

Shaw Kobayashi

Age: 16
Hometown: San Clemente, Ca
School: San Clemente High School-11th grade
Sponsors: O'Neill, Von Zipper, Ocean Minded, Jack Ocean Sports
Claim to Fame: Shaw turned out a fabulous performance at the 5-Star Southwest Conference Explorer at Church. Clearly the home field advantage paid off for the San Clemente High School Junior where he took command and claimed double victories in the Men's and Juniors divisions. He saved the best for last in the final minutes of the Juniors final. Needing a big score to take the lead, Shaw picked off one of the steeper shoulder high lefts and exploded backside, earning an excellent 8.0 which sealed the win.

Surfer of the Week - 11/26/2008

Weston Williams

Age: 12
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
School: Huntington Academy - 7th grade
Sponsors: Perfection Surfboards, West, Smith, Sweet Water Surf Shop, Gravis, GFH Skateboards
Claim to Fame: Weston has been blazing the divisions of Explorer Menehuene, Open Boys and Explorer Boys, bringing home triple wins at the Mid Atlantic Conference event #4 held at the Outer Banks. He has also consistently made the finals of Explorer Longboard. Keep an eye on this grom!

Surfer of the Week - 11/23/2008

Mauricio Diaz

Age: 12
Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
School: San Juan Elementary
Sponsors: Quiksilver, DC Shoes, Red Bull, and The Room
Claim to Fame: Twelve year old, Mauro Diaz, from San Juan Puerto Rico showed up ready for the NSSA Contest #4 held at Ponce De Leon Beach Park in Melbourne Beach, Florida. Mauro put out true "Little Iron Man" determination battling the drifty 3' to 4' north east wind chop. Surfing with great form and flow Mauro brought home some hardware for his efforts. 1st Open Boys, 1st Menehunes, and 2nd in Explorer Boys. Go Super Mauro!

Surfer of the Week - 11/20/2008

Dylan Kowalski

Age: 15
Hometown: Wrightsville Beach, NC
School: Elite Element Academy-9th grade
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Spy, DaKine, Sharp Eye, Sweet Water Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Just weeks after celebrating his 15th birthday, Dylan surfed through ten rounds of challenging surf in frigid conditions to claim a 1st in Open Juniors, 2nd in Explorer Juniors and 3rd in Open Mens in the NSSA Mid Atantic Conference event #4 held at the Outer Banks/Nags Head. Dylan is consistently proving himself as a top competitor not only in his age group but in the highly competitive Open Men's division.

Surfer of the Week - 11/17/2008

Jake Marshall

Age: 10
Hometown: Encinitas, Ca
School: Rancho Encinitas Academy-4th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, Reef, Famous Wax, Xanadu
Claim to Fame: Jake extended his winning record to five straight clinching the Mini Grom victory at the 5-star Church Open. The polished 10-year-old is blazing a trail competing in the upper level Open Juniors and Open Boys categories for more experience and it's paying off. He is putting up monster numbers on the scoreboard posting the highest two-wave total of all the Church finals-a 17.17 out of a possible 20. At mid-season he is also leading the league in final totals averaging 15.73 points out of 20.

Surfer of the Week - 11/10/2008

Derek Peters

Age: 15
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Ca
School: Huntington Beach High School-10th grade
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Smith, HSS, Ocean & Earth, d.s.c
Claim to Fame: After a second round loss at the Oceanside Open last week, it was redemption time for Derek Peters as he won every heat except one en route to a big Juniors victory at the Huntington Beach Pier Explorer. Derek's versatility played a big factor as his impressive backside skills shined in the perfect 3-5 foot HB lefts on day one and then the challenging 4-8 foot victory-at-sea conditions on finals day.

Surfer of the Week - 11/3/2008

Kyle Galtes

Age: 15
Hometown: Kilauea, Hi
School: Elite Element Academy-11th grade
Sponsors: No Fear, Bubble Gum, Kicker, Vibe Auto Sounds, SB surfboards, Hanalei Surf Company
Claim to Fame: Kyle blew up in heavy 10 foot conditions at Pine Trees claiming his second Open victory of the 2008-09 season at the NSSA Hawaii event #5. In some of the best fall conditions seen in years at the Hanelei beachbreak, Kyle's tremendous vertical manuevers in the bombing surf wowed the crowd while cementing his status as one of the top contenders coming out of Hawaii this year.

Surfer of the Week - 10/27/2008

Lakey Peterson

Age: 14
Hometown: Santa Barbara, Ca
School: Santa Barbara Homeschooling-8th grade
Sponsors: Patagonia, Kaenon Sunglasses, Fletcher Chounard Designs, Premier Surf Training, A Frame Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: The Open Season spotlight shined on 14-year-old Lakey as she nailed down her first Open Women's victory in event #3 at HB Pier. And it wasn't an easy feat as she had to face reigning National Champion Courtney Conlogue who hadn't lost an event since last season's Open #3 at Pacific Beach. The win was Lakey's sixth overall for the season including five in Gold Coast competition so far. The breakout Open victory for this young, rising talent will no doubt heat up the Women's division this year!

Surfer of the Week - 10/21/2008

Kanoa Igarashi and Kirra Kehoe

Age: Kanoa 11; Kirra 14
Hometown: Kanoa-Huntington Beach, Ca; Kirra-Santa Monica, Ca
School: Kanoa-Dwyer Middle School 6th grade; Kirra-Santa Monica High School 9th grade
Sponsors: Kanoa-O'Neill, Spy, HSS, Java Point, Vans, Ocean & Earth, Nixon, Bubble Gum, Toyota of HB, Ratio Fin, On It, Alva Skates; Kirra-Etnies, Body Glove, Angel Eyewear, Con Surfboards, Solutions Surf Shop.
Claim to Fame: The two K's absolutely have something to beam about after the Gold Coast/Northwest weekend up at Morro Bay. Kanoa pulled a double-double winning the Gold Coast Boys and Menehuene and the Northwest Juniors and Boys. This puts Kanoa's victory count up to nine as he chips away at the regular season record of 21. Meanwhile after years of trying, the effort finally paid off for Kirra as she celebrated her first NSSA victory triumphing in both the Women's and Longboard at the Northwest Open.

Surfer of the Week - 10/13/2008

Kanoa Igarashi

Age: 11
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Ca
School: Dwyer Middle School-6th grade
Sponsors: O'Neill, Spy, HSS, Java Point, Vans, Ocean & Earth, Nixon, Bubble Gum, Toyota of HB, Ratio Fin, On It, Alva Skates
Claim to Fame: Kanoa has been setting the Southwest Conference season on fire going undefeated in both the Open Boys and Explorer Menehuenes. The 11-year-old has claimed five consecutive victories and is showing no signs of letting up. He was in sensational form again at the HB Explorer at Ninth Street posting up two big scores of 9.0 and 8.0 to win his third straight in the Menehuenes. His 17.0 heat total in the final was the highest overall of the entire event.

Surfer of the Week - 9/23/2008

Luke Marks

Age: 10
Hometown: Melbourne Beach, FL
School: Gemini Elementary
Sponsors: Fox, Etnies OAM, Surfworld, DNA Energy Drink
Claim to Fame: Luke is making a name for himself in the Southeast Conference this season! Making finals and taking wins in Open Mini Groms, Open Boys and Explorer Menehuene is all part of the day in the life of this exciting young grom. Luke is an avid skateboarder, dirt bike rider and he loves school when there are no waves! Keep an eye on this youngster as he is stoked to be having so much fun!

Surfer of the Week - 9/22/2008

Luke Davis

Age: 15
Hometown: Capistrano Beach, Ca
School: Pacific Coast High School
Sponsors: O'Neill, Roberts, Spy, Kustom, Komunity, Sex Wax, Nalus Island Grill, Killer Dana Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: In his first appearance of the 2008-09 season, 15-year-old Luke made a statement with a top caliber surfing display winning both the Men's and Juniors divisions at the Oceanside Pier Open. He dominated the Juniors scoreboard owning the top 4 wave scores and the top 4 heat totals of the entire event. Luke's contest stats at this event are a strong indicator of his rising skill and his double victory is sure to go down as one of the greatest performances of the year.

Surfer of the Week - 9/15/2008

Imaikalani DeVault

Age: 10
Hometown: Kihei, Hi
School: Kamehameha Middle School
Sponsors: Volcom, Body Glove, Globe, Dragon, Kazuma Surfboards, Dakine, Hi Tech Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Imaikalani was on fire at Hawaii's event #3 at Lahaina Harbor in heavy 4-8 foot conditions. In the semifinals, he scored a perfect 10, ripped an excellent 9.6 wave and even destroyed another fantastic 9.0 wave which was a throw-away score; not too often do 9's get tossed! Imai went on to win the Menehuenes and make finals in the Open and Explorer Boys.

Surfer of the Week - 9/8/2008

Riley Metcalf

Age: 16
Hometown: San Clemente, Ca
School: San Clemente High School
Sponsors: Lost, Nike 6.0, Electric
Claim to Fame: Looks like Riley is headed for big things this year. After closing out the 07-08 Southwest season with a double victory in the Open Men's and Juniors, Riley picked up where he left off, opening up his 08-09 campaign with an impressive first place finish in the Men's division at the Open Season opener in HB. Riley charged out of the gates from the summer break appearing stronger than ever winning all of his preliminary rounds (except one) before nailing the final with a solid performance.

Surfer of the Week - 9/2/2008

Parker Coffin

Age: 12
Hometown: Santa Barbara, Ca
School: Carpenteria Home Base
Sponsors: Volcom, Channel Islands, Sex Wax, Globe, Spy, A-Frame Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: At this weekend's Gold Coast doubleheader at Port Hueneme, we saw Parker burst onto the scene of the 08-09 season claiming back-to-back victories in the Explorer Boys division. And odds are the 12-year-old powerhouse is headed towards a monster NSSA year as he also stepped it up making both finals in the upper age bracket Juniors category.

Surfer of the Week - 8/26/2008

Conrad Carr

Age: 16
Hometown: Malibu, Ca
School: Malibu High School Independent Study
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Roberts, Clout, Ocean & Earth, Makos
Claim to Fame: Conrad stole the show at the Gold Coast Conference 08-09 season opener at Mandalay Beach in Oxnard. In fun, wedgy 2-4 peaks, Con"radical" cleaned house winning all of his preliminary heats and sweeping double victories in the Explorer Men's and Juniors divisions. The wins will give Conrad an early headstart in the ratings thanks to the valuable five-star points he earned at the event.

Surfer of the Week - 8/19/2008

Tanner Hendrickson

Age: 16
Hometown: Paia, Maui
School: King Kekaulike High School
Sponsors: No Fear, Kazuma Surfboards, Da' Kine
Claim to Fame: After erupting at the 2008 Nationals where he clocked up two fantastic finals appearances in the Open Men's and Open Juniors, Tanner went right back to work with a triple triumph in the Open Men's, Explorer Men's and Explorer Juniors at the Hawaii 5-star opener at Lahaina Harbor. In front of a cheering hometown crowd, Tanner blew through the field exploding on a perfect 10 wave score in the Open final. Watch out everyone, the storm is already brewing for 2009!

Surfer of the Week - 7/27/2008

Malia Manuel

Age: 14
Hometown: Kapa'a, Hi
School: Kapa'a High School
Sponsors: O'Neill, Teqoph Surfboards, Sticky Bumps, Tamba Surf Co., Future Fins
Claim to Fame: 14-year-old Malia stunned the professional surfing world becoming the youngest surfer ever to win the US Open in Huntington Beach. En route to her spectacular Women's victory, the 2008 National Open Women's finalist took down former ASP Women's World Champion Sofia Mulanovich and current ASP WQS ratings leader Sally Fitzgibbons. It was an all-NSSA girls final as Malia met up with NSSA standout Coco Ho who just minutes before clinched the win in the ASP Pro Junior event.

Surfer of the Week - 7/3/2008

Nat Young and Courtney Conlogue

Age: Nat 16; Courtney 15
Hometown: Nat-Santa Cruz, Ca; Courtney-Santa Ana, Ca
School: Nat-Ark School Independent Studies; Courtney-Sage Hill
Sponsors: Nat-O'Neill, Nike 6.0, O'Neill Surfshop, Oakley, Creatures of Leisure, Stretch Boards, Freestyle, Sexwax, Future Fins, Ladera Skates; Courtney-Billabong, Reef, Huntington Surf and Sport, Nixon, Smith, Sex Wax, Go211.com, Zola, Toyota of HB, Nalus Island Grill
Claim to Fame: THE NATION'S CHAMPIONS! Nat and Courtney are numero uno taking the National Open Men's and Women's championship titles and Governor's Cup at the 2008 NSSA National Championships at Lower Trestles!

Surfer of the Week - 6/12/2008

Kokoro Tomatsuri

Age: 17
Hometown: Summerland, Ca
School: Carpenteria High School
Sponsors: No Fear, Channel Islands Surf Shop, Sexwax
Claim to Fame: Kokoro rips and both surfing and school. This season, his list of surfing accomplishments include double Gold Coast Conference titles in the Explorer Men's and Juniors and then a huge victory in the Explorer Men's division at the West Coast Regional Championships. But the grandest of his achievements this year is being honored as the NSSA Surfer Scholar of the Year earning an outstanding 4.8 GPA for the 2007-08 school year!

Surfer of the Week - 6/2/2008

Chris Kelly

Age: 17
Hometown: Ocean City, NJ
School: Ocean City High School
Sponsors: Fox, 7th Street Surf Shop, Dragon, Monster, Uncle Mike Surfboards, Ocean Minded, Skull Candy
Claim to Fame: Chris racked up the highest score of the day-a near perfect 9.5, to win the Open Mens division in flawless, chest high conditions at Atlantic City's States Ave.

Surfer of the Week - 5/25/2008

Michael Ciaramella

Age: 14
Hometown: Stone Harbor, NJ
School: Stone Harbor School
Sponsors: Rusty, Reef, Electric, Freestyle, Xcel, Future, 7th St Surf Shop, Ocean & Earth, Surfco
Claim to Fame: In cold and windy conditions, Mikey C surfed his way to three finals in the Northeast Conference 08-09 season opener on May 11th at Harvey Cedars. He scored decisive wins in both the Open Juniors and Explorer Juniors. And despite an interference call, he still managed a solid 4th place finish in the hotly contested Open Mens.

Surfer of the Week - 5/19/2008

Kolohe Andino and Courtney Conlogue

Age: Kolohe 14; Courtney 15
Hometown: Kolohe-San Clemente, Ca; Courtney-Santa Ana, Ca
School: Kolohe-Shorecliffs Middle School; Courtney-Sage Hill
Sponsors: Kolohe-Billabong, Kustom, Von Zipper, Super, Red Bull, Boost, Blackline; Courtney-Billabong, Reef, Huntington Surf and Sport, Nixon, Smith, Sex Wax, Go211.com, Zola, Toyota of HB, Nalus Island Grill
Claim to Fame: Kolohe and Courtney put on a sensational show at the 2008 West Coast Championships. Kolohe placed in five finals and became the first surfer in Regionals history to win both the Open Men's and Open Juniors divisions. On the Women's side, an ultra-determined Courtney was going for broke in the Open Women's final claiming her first Regional title. Her 100% dedicated approach this season proves one thing-if you work hard enough, results will follow.

Surfer of the Week - 5/12/2008

Courtney Conlogue

Age: 15
Hometown: Santa Ana, Ca
School: Sage Hill
Sponsors: Billabong, Reef, Huntington Surf and Sport, Nixon, Smith, Sex Wax, Go211.com, Zola, Toyota of HB, Nalus Island Grill
Claim to Fame: Courtney bested her own record of three consecutive Conference Titles (a record she shared with Holly Beck) by finishing her fourth straight year as Southwest Conference Open Womens Champion. Even though Courtney had the title essentially wrapped up prior to this weekend's regular season finale at Oceanside South Jetty, she concluded the 07-08 season in dramatic fashion with a clutch, come-from-behind dynamic 9-point ride at the buzzer clinching the victory, her seventh of the year.

Surfer of the Week - 5/5/2008

Victor Done

Age: 16
Hometown: Newport Beach, Ca
School: Newport Harbor High School
Sponsors: Reef, Smith, Freestyle, Cordell Surfboards, On A Mission
Claim to Fame: You could say TWO was a magical number for Victor Done at the 2007/08 Southwest Explorer Season finale at Golden West Street in Huntington Beach. Competing in TWO divisions, Victor surfed solid and consistent racking up a remarkable string of eight SECOND places in eight consecutive rounds. Victor wrapped up the weekend with TWO SECOND places in both the Juniors and Men's finals.

Surfer of the Week - 4/21/2008

Luke Davis

Age: 15
Hometown: Capistrano Beach, Ca
School: Community Home Education Program
Sponsors: O'Neill, Spy, Kustom, Komunity Project, Killer Dana Surf Shop, Sex Wax, Roberts, Nalus
Claim to Fame: Luke has had a terrific run in the Southwest Explorer this season, scoring his sixth win in the Boys division and a 4th place in the Juniors final at the San Clemente Pier event #9 this past weekend. With one contest remaining on the Explorer schedule, Luke has already conquered the ratings with a 2,000 plus advantage sealing the Conference Title in the Boys and holding down a top 10 ranking in the Juniors.

Surfer of the Week - 4/14/2008

Shaw Kobayashi

Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, Ca
School: San Clemente High School
Sponsors: O'Neill, Ocean Minded, Jacks Ocean Sports
Claim to Fame: For the second time this season in Northwest Conference competition, Shaw busted out victories in both the Open Men's and Juniors divisions. His first double whammy came at the Morro Bay event #3 back in October. He closed out the regular season this weekend at Pismo Pier with another multiple triumph while also cementing his first NSSA conference title in the Northwest Open Juniors.

Surfer of the Week - 4/7/2008

Evan Geiselman

Age: 14
Hometown: New Smyrna Beach, FL
School: Powers Academy
Sponsors: Hurley, Nike 6.0, Oakley, Orion Surfboards, DaKine, DNA Energy Drink
Claim to Fame: Evan shattered his own record of nine adding another three Regional titles to his glittering resume at the 2008 East Coast Championships at Sebastian Inlet. The 14-year-old phenom put on another stellar performance with victories in Open Juniors, Explorer Boys and the Airshow plus an impressive third place showing in the Open Mens. He now owns 12 Regional titles and has made it to the winners podium for six consecutive years- the longest single winning streak at the Regional Championships.

Surfer of the Week - 4/1/2008

Michael Dunphy

Age: 17
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
School: Brigham Young University
Sponsors: Hurley, Reef, Arnette, WRV
Claim to Fame: Michael set the 2008 NSSA East Coast Championships on fire with a blistering three division sweep in the Open Men's, Explorer Men's and Explorer Juniors divisions.

Surfer of the Week - 3/22/2008

Nage Melamed

Age: 14
Hometown: Hanalei, Hi
School: Bridgeway Academy
Sponsors: Lost clothing, Lost surfboards, Electric, Ocean and Earth, Ted Shreds
Claim to Fame: Nage shredded her way to three finals at the Hawaii Regional Championships at Kewalo Basin. She scored an impressive runner-up finish in the Open Womens, took third in the Explorer Girls and fourth in the Explorer Womens.

Surfer of the Week - 3/16/2008

Kolohe Andino

Age: 13
Hometown: San Clemente, Ca
School: Shorecliffs Middle School
Sponsors: Billabong, Kustom, Von Zipper, Super, Red Bull, Boost, Blackline
Claim to Fame: This is the second time in less than two months that Kolohe has been chosen as the Surfer of the Week and deservedly so. Surfing with technical skills beyond his years, the 13-year-old made both the Open Men's and Juniors finals for the second time this season in bombing 5-8 foot Newport. The road to the finals was no cake walk, as Kolohe competed in 11 total heats and had to break out every bit of strength and skill to battle the vicious side current.

Surfer of the Week - 3/10/2008

Ian Crane

Age: 14
Hometown: San Clemente, Ca
School: Shorecliffs Middle School
Sponsors: Fox, Timmy Patterson Surfboards
Claim to Fame: Ian used some fancy aerial work to lock up his second consecutive Middle School Boys title at the Interscholastic State Championships at Church. He sealed the deal by boosting a dazzling frontside air reverse on a steep racy left earning a 7.17-the highest wave score of the final.

Surfer of the Week - 3/3/2008

Riley Metcalf

Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, Ca
School: San Clemente High School
Sponsors: Lost, Nike 6.0, Electric, Killer Dana Surf Shop, Lost Surfboards
Claim to Fame: Riley was in sensational form at Open Season event #8 at Oceanside South Jetty. In fantastic 4-6 foot conditions, he stepped up to the plate making double finals taking 4th in the Juniors and scoring an impressive 2nd place finish in the elite Men's category. In Juniors stats, he posted two of the five best total heat scores of the weekend (15.33 & 14.50) and he owned the second highest single wave score (8.50).

Surfer of the Week - 2/24/2008

Joao Marco Maffini

Age: 12
Hometown: Haiku, Hi
School: Montessori School
Sponsors: Mormaii
Claim to Fame: NSSA contests are not all about winning-they are about good sportsmanship, giving your best effort and having fun. These qualities are what made 12-year-old Joao our Surfer of the Week. With a great attitude and huge smile, the Maui grom made his first Open final of the season taking 6th place in the Boys division at event #8 at Pinetrees, Kauai.

Surfer of the Week - 2/18/2008

Koa Smith

Age: 13
Hometown: Kilauea, Hi
School: Kulu Kahakai
Sponsors: Rip Curl, Smith, Nike 6.0, Sex Wax & Creatures
Claim to Fame: Koa blew up at NSSA Hawaii event # 6 on February 16-17 at Pinetrees on Kauai. The 2006 National Open Mini Grom Champ was in sensational form winning both the Explorer Menehuene and Boys divisions.

Surfer of the Week - 2/11/2008

Conner Coffin

Age: 14
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
School: Carpenteria High School
Sponsors: Hurley, Al Merrick, Sex Wax, Globe, Hoven, Da Kine, Future, A Frame
Claim to Fame: In epic 4-6 foot surf conditions at Seaside Reef, Conner showed off his explosive backside surfing skills winning the Juniors division at the Open Season event #5 in a vast field of 78 surfers. But what's more impressive was the 14-year-old's strong performance in the elite and fiercely competitive Open Men's category where he took third in the final. Riding his new Dane Reynolds Proton model, Conner's dynamic vertical attack on Seaside's reeling left walls made a powerful statement.

Surfer of the Week - 2/4/2008

Christian Saenz

Age: 16
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
School: Huntington Beach High School
Sponsors: Hurley, HSS, Arnette, Timmy Patterson, Cobian, Java Point, Pro-Lite
Claim to Fame: Christian pulled of a big milestone in his amateur career nailing his first NSSA victory at the Mission Beach Explorer. In challenging 4-6 foot washing machine conditions, the hard working Huntington Beach High School sophomore exploded on a set left blasting the lip earning an excellent 9.25-the highest score of the day. His two wave total of 15.5 was the highest heat score of all the finals.

Surfer of the Week - 1/21/2008

Kolohe Andino

Age: 13
Hometown: San Clemente, CA
School: Shorecliffs Middle School
Sponsors: Billabong, Kustom, Von Zipper, Super, Red Bull, Boost, Blackline
Claim to Fame: The supremely talented Kolohe maintained his exceptional high standard at the Southwest Open at HB Pier on January 19-20. Competing in both the Juniors and the premier level Open Men's, the five time National Champion better known as "Brother" won a total of eight heats en route to his second victory in the Juniors and a quarterfinal finish in the Men's.

Surfer of the Week - 1/14/2008

Brent Reilly

Age: 17
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
School: Carlsbad High School/Seaside Academy
Sponsors: O'Neill, Dragon, DC, Byrne, OAM, Surf Ride
Claim to Fame: Brent was in relentless form at the Southwest Explorer at Seaside Reef on January 12-13. In classic Seaside conditions with excellent 6-8 foot bombs reeling off Cardiff's infamous reef, Brent separated himself from the pack with a powerhouse repertoire of big carves, polished tube riding and exploding frontside snaps nailing his third win in the Explorer Juniors division.

Surfer of the Week - 1/1/2007

Nat Young

Age: 16
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
School: Santa Cruz City Schools Independent Studies Progrram
Sponsors: O'Neill, O'Neill Surfshop, Nike 6.0, Oakley, Creatures of Leisure, Stretch Boards, Freestyle, Sexwax, Rainbow Fins, Ladera Skates
Claim to Fame: Dominated in Norcal winning both the Northwest Opens # 4 and #5 on December 8-9 at Pleasure Point and Steamer Lane. Two weeks later, Nat was back with guns blazing winning 3 of 4 divisions at the Gold Coast doubleheader at C Street, Ventura.

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