NSSA - National Scholastic Surfing Association

The National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and assist its members in their interest to learn and develop the fundamentals and skills of surfing competition while competing in structured and quality events. The NSSA promotes the qualities of discipline and competitive excellence while supporting the merits of academic achievement to young surfers. The NSSA strives to provide a fun surfing experience for all of its members.

The NSSA is one of the few national youth sports organizations that require its participants to maintain academic standards in order to compete. Since 1978, the NSSA program philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. More than 80 NSSA events are run nationwide that culminate with the annual National Championships which is regarded as the highest profile youth surfing event in America.

Surfer the Week - Archives (2017)

Surfer of the Week - 11/24/2017


Age: 14
Hometown: Carolina Beach, North Carolina
School: Whitmore School; 9th grade
Sponsors: Aussie Island Surf Shop, Tony Silvagni Surf School
Equipment: 5'6" HAVOC Thruster
Claim to Fame: The 17/18 Mid Atlantic season got off to a fun start at Carolina Beach Pier on Nov 11-12. All the competitors were stoked to be back for opening weekend including local up-and-coming surfer Katelyn Sewell who competed in 4 divisions and brought home three 1st place trophies! Fave thing about Carolina Beach Pier: I usually surf the Pier, so I love having contests there. I like the right that comes off the Pier and how the reform section is really fun and fast. Age you started surfing: My Dad taught me when I was 9. Fave surfers: John John Florence, Stephanie Gilmore, Sage Erickson. Surf crew: All my friends that surf! Local spot: Sun Skipper, the Cupboard. Fantasy superpower: Teleport so I can surf anywhere. Something people donít know about you: I want to own my own cake shop. Dream wave: Chicama, Peru. Who has pushed your surfing the most? My competitors, Tony Silvagni and my Dad. Goals: I would like to do well at Regionals and hopefully Nationals! Thankyous: My parents and sponsors.

Surfer of the Week - 11/8/2017


Age: 15
Hometown: Malibu, California
School: Viewpoint School; 10th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, Lost Surfboards, Sex Wax, Vertra, FCS, Hoorsenbuhs
Equipment: Mayhem 5'7" 18.00, 2.5, 22.75 Sub-Driver Swallow Tail
Claim to Fame: Heading into the Church Open with only minor swell in the water, Taro quickly got into the groove of the small, running rights. Competing in 2 divisions and surfing heat after heat not only meant double the exertion, but twice the focus. Smart, precision surfing with tons of flow and flair, Taro finished the weekend with 9 total heat wins, the eventís top wave score (9.67) and a victory sweep in Mens and Juniors that will skyrocket him into 1st in both rankings! Fave thing about Church: It is like the waves I surf everyday in Malibu. Age you started surfing: My Dad taught me when I was 7. Fave surfers: Ethan Ewing, JJF. Surf crew: Myself. Local spot: Topanga Beach. Fantasy superpower: To get waves whenever I want. Something people donít know about you: Iíve been doing karate since I was 3. Barrels or Airs: Barrels. Who has pushed your surfing the most? Kade Matson. Goals: To win the season title & Nationals. Thankyous: My parents, sponsors, my shaper Matt Biolos & my coach Brad Gerlach

Surfer of the Week - 10/24/2017


Age: 15
Hometown: Encinitas, California
School: High Tech High School
Sponsors: Reef, Dakine, Spy, Sun Diego, Blackbird, Sunbum, Scosche, Nixon, Fish 101, Futures
Equipment: Blackbird Surfboards 5'4" 16 3/4"wide, 2" thick
Claim to Fame: By the quarterfinals of the Seaside Open, it was clear that Caleb was serving notice that he was in top form in his local stomping grounds. When both he and local talent Nick Marshall made the final and with the Sunday afternoon hometown crowd in full capacity ovation mode, Caleb was ready to step it up for the showdown. With a potent mix of technique, wave selection and local savvy, he walked away triumphant in the Open Mens final, his first ever NSSA victory! Fave thing about Seaside: It is a full on skate park and can make you a well-rounded surfer. How old were you when you started surfing? 18-months-old with my Dad. Fave surfers: John John, Dane & Mick. Surf crew: Levi, Nick, Micah, Noah. Local spot: Seaside. Fantasy superpower: Teleportation. Dream wave: Sandspit. Something people donít know about you: I used to play little league football. Who has pushed your surfing the most? Levi and Micah. Goals: Win the conference ratings and the Nationals. Thankyous: My family and sponsors!

Surfer of the Week - 10/12/2017


Age: 12
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: Shorecliffs Middle School; 6th grade
Sponsors: Roxy
Equipment: Lost Surfboards, 4'11" Pocket Rocket
Claim to Fame: After her first major win at the 2017 Regionals last May, it became clear that Sawyer was going to make huge leaps in her surfing and she has! At the SW Open Season stop #2 at Oceanside South Jetty, Sawyer was on her game claiming double victories in the Girls & Super Girls finals. Competing in two divisions, the young goofy-footer had her work cut out for her, especially stepping up and winning the Girls 14 & under bracket! Fave thing about surfing OSide South Jetty: It has a good left and it is always consistent there. How old were you when you started surfing? 3-years-old with my Dad. Fave surfers: Stephanie Gilmore, John John, Carissa & Kolohe. Surf crew: I surf mostly with my Dad & Uncle. Also my friends Bella & Ryann. Local spot: Lowers. Dream wave: Cloudbreak, Fiji. Something people donít know about you: I love to read. Who has pushed your surfing the most? I push myself to always surf better. Goals: To win Regionals & Nationals this year. Thankyous: My family for supporting me.

Surfer of the Week - 10/3/2017


Age: 15
Hometown: Ventura, California
School: Ventura High School; 9th grade
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Pro-Lite, Roberts Surfboards, Future Fins.
Equipment: Roberts Surfboards. 5'5" high performance shortboard shaped by Robert Weiner
Claim to Fame: After coming off a win at the 2017/18 Gold Coast season opener at Ventura Harbor last week, Dimitri got straight back to work at the second stop of the premier Southwest Open Season at Oceanside South Jetty and backed it up with a victory in the hotly contested Mens division and a 4th place in the Juniors. With the kind of surfing our 2015 National Menehuene Champion has been doing Ė precise, focused and powerful Ė the sky is the limit for him this season! Fave thing about surfing Oceanside South Jetty: It is a lot like the waves at Ventura Harbor. How old were you when you started surfing? My Dad started teaching me when I was 4. Fave surfers: Kolohe Andino & Andy Irons. Surf crew: I mostly freesurf with Jabe Swierkocki. Local spot: C Street. Dream wave: A perfect barreling Indo right. Something people donít know about you: I like going to school. Barrels or airs: Both. Who has pushed your surfing the most? My Dad. Goals: To take a season title. Thankyous: My family for supporting me!

Surfer of the Week - 8/29/2017


Age: 12
Hometown: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
School: Florida Virtual School: 7th grade
Sponsors: Island Water Sports, FCS, Yewstuff, Tava Sunscreen, Sycktrix and Corkcicle
Equipment: Lost Mayhem, 4'9' Carbonwrap Driver
Claim to Fame: Ava got right to business in her 17/18 campaign with a massive result at the SE/N season opener in NSB. The 12-year-old racked up 4 wins in Open Girls, Open Super Girls, Explorer Girls & Explorer Super Girls. ďStarting off the season with 4 wins was awesome,Ē Ava said. ďIt felt good to get the jersey back on in fun conditions!Ē Fave thing about NSB: The waves are fast and have really good sections plus we always have waves when it's flat everywhere else! Local spot: NSB Inlet. Fave surfers: Tatiana Weston-Webb, Kolohe Andino. Surf crew: Ben, Bree, Ethan, Sterling, Logan, Gavin, Emily. Dream wave: Kelly Slater WaveCo. Something people donít know about you: I am a Science nerd. Fantasy Superpower: To be invisible. Goals: Keep progressing, have an air game, go for another East Coast title and possibly a National title. Thankyous: My mom for taking me surfing and the guys at the Inlet who push me everyday. And a huge shoutout to Miss Linda and her family for keeping the dream alive in NSB!

Surfer of the Week - 8/21/2017


Age: 12
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: Shorecliffs Middle School; 7th grade
Sponsors: Sunbum, FCS, Lost Surfboards
Equipment: Lost Surfboards, 5'2" Driver
Claim to Fame: Everyone who surfs contests knows how tough it can be to win an event at HB Pier. But when you compete in the worldís most renowned surf arena and you cop 4 wins in the same weekend, it definitely makes a huge statement. Dane did just that at the 17/18 SW Explorer doubleheader opener. He took command earning 2 wins in Boys and 2 wins in Menehuenes. Undoubtedly the best performance yet of his young career, this is one incredible start for this 12-year-old! Fave thing about surfing HB Pier: The lefts into the Pier Bowl. It works for me since Iím a goofy footer. Fave thing about HB contests: Itís fun to get food at Dwights! Fave surfer: My brother Kade. Surf crew: Alex, Myles, Bane, Aiden. Local spot: Lost Winds. Dream wave: Macaronis. Something people donít know about you: I wanted to be a pro skater. Barrels or airs: Barrels! Goals: To keep the roll going and rack up some more wins! Thankyous: To my parents and sponsors for supporting me and Kade for always pushing me. And thankyou God!

Surfer of the Week - 7/21/2017


Age: Barron: 17; Summer: 16
Hometown: Barron: Waialua, Hi; Summer: Lahaina, Hi
School: Barron: Penn Foster; Summer: Penn Foster
Sponsors: Barron: Hurley; Summer: Roxy

Surfer of the Week - 6/7/2017


Age: Kade: 15; Kirra: 14
Hometown: Kade: San Clemente, California; Kirra: San Clemente, California
School: Kade: Sky Mountain Charter; Kirra: Capistrano Virtual School
Sponsors: Kade: Quiksilver; Kirra: Hurley
Equipment: Kade: Lost Surfboards; Kirra: Lost Surfboards

Surfer of the Week - 5/1/2017


Age: 13
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
School: Mission Hill Middle School; 7th grade
Sponsors: Volcom, Xcel wetsuits, Pacific Wave Surf Shop, Arrow Surfboards
Equipment: Arrow Surfboards 5'2" thruster
Claim to Fame: Keanna pulled off one of the most remarkable and difficult feats a competitive surfer can achieve-posting a perfect 20 heat. It was a performance that had it all, a good right hand point, a solid head high swell and two 10-point rides! The daughter of former competitive surfer Amy Zavala, Keanna has surfing in her genes along with a mom who can give her a strategic edge. ďMy mom has definitely helped me with her advice, experience and love.Ē Fave thing about the Hook: Itís a perfect right wall for multiple backside turns. Fave surfers: Nat Young, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Filipe Toledo, Carissa Moore, Autumn Hays, Sam Coffey. Surf crew: Everyone in my Santa Cruz family. Fantasy superpower: To time travel. Local spot: The Lane. Dream wave: A perfect right sand point with a barrel. Something people donít know about you: Iím in the Honor Choir, I love to sing! Goals: To win Regional & National titles. Thankyous: My family, friends, sponsors, NSSA & everyone who has helped me to get where I am!

Surfer of the Week - 4/14/2017


Age: 17
Hometown: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
School: Switched-On Schoolhouse; 11th grade
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Freak traction, Otis, Orion Surfboards
Equipment: 6'0" Orion shaped by Greg Geiselman
Claim to Fame: After taking the Explorer Mens National title in 2016, Gabe has stuck to the course of ďtaking things slow and not worrying about too much.Ē And his game plan is working. At the 2017 Regionals held in a smorgasbord of surf, Gabe shrugged off his 1st round Explorer Mens loss and got right back to work in the Juniors. As things heated up in the Open Mens, his versatile surfing spoke for itself. He hammered away win after win adapting nicely to the Inletís ever changing conditions taking out two titles in the Open Mens and Explorer Juniors! Fave thing about NSB: Itís super fun. I love the wedge affect to it. Fave surfers: Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds. Surf crew: All my friends at home. Fantasy superpower: Breath underwater. Local spot: C Street, Wrightsville Beach. Dream wave: That right point in Morocco. Barrels or Airs: I probably do more airs but barrels all the way! Goals: Take things slow, not worry and hopefully win a couple! Thankyous: God has helped me through so much & my parents.

Surfer of the Week - 4/5/2017


Age: 14
Hometown: Melbourne Beach, Florida
School: Florida Virtual School: 9th grade, 4.26 GPA
Sponsors: Hurley, Ron Jons, Surfinista, Long Doggers, Cobian, DHD, Headhunter, Boardstix, Futures, Crush
Equipment: DHD Surfboards, DX1 5'6"
Claim to Fame: Rachel always shows up to Regionals with eyes on the podium, but this year was different. There was a fire in her eyes and she knew she had to come out hot to take out the stiff competition. The dedicated 14-year-old was in dominating form and never let up. She posted a near perfect 19-point total in her Open Girls quarter, took Performer of the Day honors and capped off the event winning 2 titles including the Crown Jewel-the Open Womens! Fave thing about NSB: There are always waves. Fave surfers: Coco Ho, Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore, John John Florence. Surf crew: Kirra Pinkerton, Coral Schuster, Blake Speir & sister Audrey. Fantasy superpower: Teleportation. Local spot: RCís, Pelican, Sebastian Inlet. Dream wave: Snapper Rocks. Something people donít know about you: I would love a career in Marine Biology. Who pushes your surfing: Jim Hogan, Dave Speir, my competitors & Mom! Goals: To be top 8 in Jr. Pro & win a National title. Thank yous: Mom, Dad, sisters, coaches & sponsors.

Surfer of the Week - 3/29/2017


Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: San Clemente; 10th grade
Sponsors: Nixon, DVS, Sun Diego Boardshops
Equipment: Lost Surfboards, Mayhem V2 Grinder carbon wrap 5'5"
Claim to Fame: Liam has been making waves in his first year of NSSA comp. The dedicated San Clemente HS sophomore has only been surfing 3 years so he had a lot of catching up to do. With a ton of determination, this kid is on the rise big-time. In the past month he placed second at the State Champs and piggy-backed it with a double finals showing in the Open Mens and Juniors at C Street! Fave thing about C Street: The long, fun rights, no matter the size. Fave surfers: Griffin Colapinto, Mick Fanning, John John Florence. Surf crew: Kade & Dane Matson, Crosby Colapinto, David Economos, Taj Lindblad, Jett Schilling, Jack Hopkins. Fantasy super power: To be able to fly. Local spot: Lowers & T St. Dream wave: Lanceís Right. Barrels or Airs: Airs feel good but barrels are much better! Who has pushed your surfing: Crosby and the entire Colapinto family, they introduced me to surfing! Goals: Make the finals in Regionals & Nationals. Thank yous: My family for their constant support, my friends & my sponsors.

Surfer of the Week - 3/23/2017


Age: 16
Hometown: Ventura, California
School: High School; 11th grade
Sponsors: Billabong, Monster, Pro-Lite, Sex Wax, Roberts Surfboards, Futures, The Young and the Brave
Equipment: Roberts Surfboards; 5'4" El Tormentor shaped by Robert Weiner
Claim to Fame: Eithan claimed his first victory of the 16/17 season in the Mens division at the Ventura Open in what was an inspiring comeback. After being out of the water for over 4 months due to a knee injury which required surgical repair, he got the clear from his doctors to start surfing again. With the Open coming to his local break at C Street, there was no better place for Eithan to make his return to competition and test the waters with a jersey back on. It was clear in his triumphant comeback that he is on the road to regaining his strength and confidence as he was in solid form unleashing a variety of high performance moves on C Streetís fun righthanders. Favorite thing about C Street: There are lots of sections on the same wave. Local spot: Emma Wood. Surf crew: Dane, Micky, Cory Mikey and the Ventura crew. Fantasy super power: To be invisible. Barrels or Airs: Barrels. Goals: To win the Regionals and the Nationals Thank yous: My friends I surf with everyday and the people I travel with.

Surfer of the Week - 3/13/2017


Age: 11
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: San Clemente Christian School - 5th Grade
Sponsors: Volcom, Rumaner Sufboards, Banzai Bowls, Shade Sunscreen, Laguna Surf n' Sport
Equipment: Epoxy Rumaner Carbon Wrap 4' 5 1/2", 15.89 x 1.89
Claim to Fame: Hayden is clearly surfing at a level higher than his 11 years of age dictates. Earlier in the 16/17 season, he scored a perfect 20 heat and this past weekend his double Menehuene win performance in tricky conditions at the HB Explorer was ultra impressive. He can charge, he can punt, he shreds sloppy beachbreak, he pulls into sand-sucking tubes, he does it all. And if his versatility is any indication, this young talented goofy-footer has a huge future ahead! Favorite thing about HB: I like the inside double up barrel section. Local spot: Lowers. Favorite surfers: Clay Marzo, Julian Wilson, Kelly Slater Surf crew: My Brother Nolan, Hagan Johnson & Ryder Salberg. Fantasy super power: Teleportation-so I can go to Indo! Dream wave: Skeleton Bay. Something people donít know about you: I love to golf or fish when the surf is flat. Someone who pushes your surfing: My brother Nolan. Barrels or Airs: Barrels! Goals: Take the W!! Thank yous: My Mom and Dad and my coaches Dave Post & Erik Kramer

Surfer of the Week - 2/8/2017


Age: 12
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
School: Sowers Middle School; 7th grade
Sponsors: Volcom, Roberts, Electric, OAM, Frog House, Surface, Sanuk, Futures, Scosche, HDX,
Equipment: Roberts Surfboards. The Black Punt 5'3"
Claim to Fame: Noah is one of the hardest working kids in the NSSA. He travels up and down the coast to compete for the valuable experience of surfing different breaks. And his work ethic is paying off as he can handle any type of condition tossed at him. So when he showed up to the Gold Coast Ventura event which offered up overhead, unruly surf he was ready for the challenge. He took 1st in the Menehuenes and 3rd in the upper bracket Boys final! Fave thing about Ventura Harbor: I like how the wave is super peaky and wedgy. Local spot: HB. Fave surfer: Kelly Slater. Fave NSSA surfers: Cole & Ella MacCaffray, Nolan & Hayden Rodgers, Sam Sibley. Surf crew: My family, the Rodgers & MacCaffrays, Tex Mitchell, Max Lambert, Sam Sibley. Fantasy super power: To breathe underwater. Something people donít know about you: I play piano and I love school. Dream wave: Uncrowded Lighthouse or Lowers. Goals: Do well at Westerns & Nationals. Thank yous: My family, my sponsors and my friends for always motivating me!

Surfer of the Week - 12/21/2017


Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: Connections Academy; 10th grade
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Monster Energy, Electric, Lost Surfboards, FCS
Equipment: Lost Surfboards Driver model, 6'0", 18.75, 2.34
Claim to Fame: ďWow, it was an incredible weekend; some of the best waves Iíve surfed here,Ē Kade said after earning double wins in Mens & Juniors plus a perfect 10 at the Seaside Reef Open. The 15-year-old was in invincible form the entire event. With huge turns and impeccable power for a kid his age, he advanced through the rounds with ease! Fave thing about Seaside Reef: When there is size it has lots of power which allows for bigger turns. Age you started surfing: At 7, my dad started pushing me in and I fell in love with the ocean. Fave surfers: Kolohe, Dane Reynolds, Mason Ho. Surf crew: All the SC boys. Local spot: Lowers & Lausens. Fantasy superpower: Transport to any location in the world. Dream wave: A perfect right barrel. Who has pushed your surfing the most? All the SC surfers; we have so much drive and it motivates us to surf better. Goal: To finish the year with a National title. Thankyous: Special thanks to my parents for taking me to the events. I wouldnít be where I am without them.